Newborn Essentials Guide - Muslins

Newborn Essentials
I don’t know about you but as soon as I saw the big fat positive (after the initial wave of shock and happiness) my mind went to shopping. All the things I was going to buy!! Then I realised apart from the obvious pram and crib, I didn’t know what else to buy. You see for me I don’t really have anyone to ask. None of my close friends had children and no one in my family had had children recently. That’s where the internet is a wonderful source of information. I found lots of helpful mums sharing their wealth of knowledge, which I was VERY grateful for. So new mamas here’s my little two cents, my opinions and thoughts, what I found great, what I needed and couldn’t of done without. So to kick things off here’s my first essential Item.
To be honest I never really knew what they were before pregnancy, then whenever I went into baby shops or online, they were always there. Turns out they were very much needed! They come in all different shapes and sizes, to cover a range of different purposes and you can NEVER have too many!
Just a few of the things I’ve used them for -
Burping, Blanket, Swaddle, laying over a change mat to prevent a chilly bottom (the baby not me), sicker catcher, cleaning spills, Bib, cooling baby down in the summer, cleaning faces and hands, snotty noses (soft and reusable).
I still use all of mine even now with a toddler, the possibilities are endless 😉
If I’m being honest not all of mine were top notch quality, I mean they served a purpose and a budget at the time but they didn’t last and if had known I would still be using them to this day I would of made sure I bought better quality for the whole collection. I had my indoor ones and my fancy out, out ones. My everyday ones were lovely too but I would keep my stylish ones for the change bag. Yeah I’m that mum.
So here’s a few favourites of mine, boys, girls, neutral –
Super stylish designs. The Colours and prints are gorgeous.
Organic cotton muslins are super soft.
Pack of 3.
Stylish neutral prints and colours
3 pack
Made from Soft sustainable Bamboo
Large size – Perfect for swaddling
Comes in a range of lovely colours
Beautiful Leopard Print
Designed with precise scales and colours that support babies' cognitive and visual development
3 Pack