New Born Essentials - Play Mats

I Love a play mat! There are some really lovely ones available now days too. There wasn't a day in the first year of parenthood we did not use our mat. We have wooden floors and pets so it was a necessity for us but they're not just great for hygiene reasons. Laying baby on a flat comfortable surface gives them a safe place to encourage movement, from tummy time to rolling over. Add a play gym in the mix and you've got our own little indoor soft play :).
You can encourage tummy time with wonderful mat prints (pictures, colours, patterns) or some mats even come with interactive accessorises such as different textures, sounds or even toys.
They're great for outdoor activities too. In the summer months we would take our play mat into a shady spot in the garden for some alfresco play time. Ottie's first summer was during Covid times so we spent ALOT of time outdoors, from family and friends gardens to picnics out and about.
Here's a few of my personal favourites.
Zoom image