New Born Essentials - Teethers

Teething, as if caring for babies wasn't challenging enough.

I think I am with most parents when I say I would try about anything to help not only my little one but help me get a break and fortunately there are plenty of things out there to help.

From medication e.g Bonjela or Anbesol or self soothing items like chewable toys e.g teethers.

Teethers can relieve sore, sensitive gums and early practice for hand eye co-ordination.

Chewing and pushing gums down on a teether feels good for babies because it provides counter-pressure to a rising tooth and massages the gums.

Plus it’s a distraction for them and you know they’re gnawing on something safe, rather than your phone charger or remote control!!

Hers a few of my favourites - 

BLOSSOM+BEAR - Speckled Beehive Silicone and Wooden Teething Toy


main product photo

Sophie the Giraffe - Silicone Teether

Macrame - rainbow teether