Newborn Essentials Guide - Change Mats

Newborns and their 'stuff', there's A LOT am I right? Where to start? I know I struggled to find the information when I was expecting. So I thought I would share my thoughts on what I needed, found useful and what I didn't. This time around I thought I would talk about change mats. 
There are so many variations of the change mat. Traditional (PVC cover), baskets, warm-to-touch foam, travel mats or failing all of that the lap does the job :) So here's the thing it is completely personal to your needs. I actually had three, one in her room, one down stairs (so I didn't have to go upstairs every time for a change) and a travel mat that I kept in her change rucksack. Some may need more, less or none at all.
Here's a few of my top picks.
Ottie's Store - Travel Change Mat, Woodland walk, £30
Super stylish designs, the Colours and prints are gorgeous.
Perfect travel size to pop in your change bag.
Safe and hygienic changes for baby when out and about.
Organic Cotton
John Lewis - Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat, £40
The material is warm to the touch so no need to put towels down first.
Elevated head to help reduce colic.
The wipe-clean surface is extremely hygienic.
Made from non-toxic, baby safe PU foam.
Mama Shack - Anti Roll Changing Mat Dotty, £28
Dotty Anti Roll Changing Mat
Beautiful designs and prints.
Anti Roll design.
Wipe Clean Surface.
British manufactured foam, nursery grade foam free of TCPP